The CRC team on a community outing to Fenway Park

Our mission is to provide high quality, individualized, and community-based outpatient rehabilitative and support services to people with neurologic, musculoskeletal, or orthopedic injuries and illnesses. We strive to support our clients’ return to their homes, families, schools, sports, work, and/or social spheres at their optimum level of function.


A client with acquired brain injury determined to achieve his goals
  • Focus on successfully transitioning a person back to his or her communities through an integrated approach to treatment
  • Provide functional and community-based "real world" treatment settings
  • Work closely with clients, their families, and other caregivers and services, which promotes setting and achieving realistic goals in their living environment and community settings
  • Specialize in acquired brain injury rehabilitation by providing transdisciplinary services including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology services, and Community Case Coordination and Case Management
  • Provide clients with single services or a combination of services customized to match each diagnosis and need
  • Take pride in providing individualized assessments, treatment, planning, and follow up, all delivered by a knowledgable and caring staff in a friendly atmosphere


CRC staff congratulate a client for finishing a lap of the track at the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts Walk & Roll

Community Rehab Care was founded in 1996 by experienced rehabilitation professionals who are committed to helping individuals maximize skills in a functional manner. We have remained committed to community-based, real-world treatment with an emphasis on improved function in all realms of everyday life.