Community Services

After clients' discharge from skilled therapy services, Community Rehab Care provides community outreach through various groups promoting health, wellness, recreation, and maintenance of skills supporting real-world success.


Community aphasia group

The Community Aphasia Group (CAG) is a therapeutic environment for individuals with aphasia or other functional communication deficits to practice and sharpen their communication skills and socialize under the guidance of a speech-language pathologist. Group members will:

  • Practice communication skills through a variety of modalities including speech, writing, gesture, and alternative and augmentative communication devices (e.g., Dynavox, Lingraphica, etc.).
  • Participate in discussions on a variety of topics.
  • Take part in fun structured activities like music games, writing exercises,  and group problem-solving tasks.
  • Go on community outings to local institutions and restaurants in order to use and practice communication skills in real-world environments.

CAG meets once a week for 90 minutes at a private pay rate of $25.00 per session.

Please call the clinic (617-744-8300) for more information or to inquire about joining the group.

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yoga classes

Community Rehab Care offers weekly yoga classes led by an occupational therapist and200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher certified through the Love Your Brain Yoga program to tailor yoga and meditation to the unique needs of the brain injury community. Two classes are offered to meet all needs.

  • Chair Yoga:  Seated yoga class consisting of mindfulness, guided meditation, breathing strategies and gentle movement 
  • Mat Yoga: A more traditional yoga class, taught on the floor. Class includes breathing techniques, seated and standing yoga poses adapted to the needs of participants, ending with a guided meditation.

Please call the clinic (617-744-8300) for more information or to inquire about joining the group and to determine which yoga group is most appropriate for you.



Wellness program for people with parkinson's disease

Community Rehab Care offers a collaborative program with the BU Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center approximately 2-3x/year. The program includes:

  • Twice weekly, 90 minute group exercise class led by physical therapists and physical therapy students
  • Evidence-based exercise program including cardiovascular, strength, balance, and flexibility components in a fun, social setting
  • Appropriate for individuals with PD who can walk independently with or without a device who would like to improve their overall health and quality of life through exercise

Please call the clinic (617-744-8300) for more information or to inquire about joining the group.


Community recreation around boston

Community Rehab Care staff organize a monthly recreation group for anyone living with acquired brain injury. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Pottery painting
  • Bowling
  • Pizza parties
  • Annual private tour of Fenway Park

Community Recreation Around Boston events are open to anyone in the community who is living with acquired brain injury. Activities are often free of charge to group members and primarily funded through grants from the Statewide Head Injury Program obtained by CRC.

Please email or call the clinic (617-744-8300) to join the CRAB mailing list and receive information about upcoming events.